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  • Based in Guildford, Surrey
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We specialise in providing themed parties for children, teens and young adults

We have a great range of fun, exciting (and slightly educational) childrens party options –all hosted by professional actors. SPY PARTY (suitable for ages 9 – 12 approx) The Top Secret Service agencies around the globe have finally realised that kids make the best secret agents because they can go unnoticed, but kids notice everything! Your presence is required at the next C.L.A.S.S. (Covert Learning Agency for Secret Spies) Training Session. You will learn Observation Skill, Code Breaking, Deductive Reasoning, Clue Finding, Fingerprint detection and Disguise Techniques. We have received intelligence that a double agent is working covertly in the C.L.A.S.S. Training Academy. Your mission should you choose to take it, is to find the double agent. Don’t worry, after your training you should be able to use all your newly gained skills to track down and expose the double agent. PIRATE TREASURE HUNT PARTY (suitable for ages 6 – 12) Whilst clearing out your attic an old chest is found that belonged to your great-great-grandfather, who was a pirate. Will your guests be able to help find the lost pirate treasure that was hidden by your great-great-grandfather over two hundred years ago? The Pirate’s Treasure Party is a fun, energetic, treasure hunt adventure. Great for boys but girls will enjoy it too. Be prepared to follow the clues starting from the first clue left on part of a torn treasure map found in a long forgot chest in the attic. Guest must be prepared to walk the plank, sword fight, solve clues, find a treasure map, hunt crocodiles, translate ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics and have an adventure that will not easily be forgotten. EGYPTIAN PARTY (suitable for ages 8 – 12) Professor Von Skylar, a famous archaeologist and Ancient Egypt expert is about to make an exciting discovery on an Egyptian dig at the Temple of King Tut. You are invited to celebrate Professor Von Skylar findings so far, and your help is urgently needed to help translate Ancient Egyptian, follow a trail of clues and eventually solve a mystery! Don’t worry all will become clear when you meet at the Ancient Temple of King Tut, where the Expedition Team Leader, will guide you through a mysterious adventure, there will be plenty to eat and drink and it will be a lot of Fun and maybe a little scary. The Professor is found slumped at his desk whilst working on an Egyptian manuscript translating ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics into English. But before he died, the Professor left clues around the ancient tomb to enable your guests to find his murderer. The first clue is in the last sheet the Professor was working on at the time of his death. SCHOOL FOR LITTLE HORRORS (suitable for ages 10 -13) This mystery takes place at Gravestone Manor, School for Little Horrors. The Head Professor Carloff’s Magic Wish Ring has been stolen, and he/she has called 8 of the schools little horror students to ask their whereabouts during the time of the crime. An exciting mystery game for 8 or more children, ideally 4 girls and 4 boys, but girls can play boys parts more children can be included they will not have a role to play (some shyer or younger children prefer this anyway), but will enjoy listening to the story and can join in with the clue hunt and guess ‘who done it’, and any games you decide to play. WILD WEST PARTY (suitable for ages 4 – 8) Calling all Cowboys & Cowgirls … Join us cowpokes for a big birthday roundup and hoedown and a Wild West Adventure, Yeeeeeeha! Saddle up, its time to ride, and round up them there stray steers. There’ll be a big shoot up and you’ll need to avoid those pesky rattlesnake varmints. But beware, you had better keep on the right side of the law, or the Sheriff’ll throw you into Jail. Your guests will be split into two teams the ‘Stetsons’ and the ‘Six-guns’ they will compete to round up the cattle to put into their team’s corral. For each game they win they will be awarded a steer, the team with the most steers are the winners, but there are no losers in the Big Country, because everyone will have fun and laughs. MURDER MYSTERY PARTY (suitable for teens/young adults) We have a range of Murder Mystery (or just Mystery) parties which will enable you to test your powers of deduction. Can you solve the mystery and win the "super sleuth" prize? We can cater for all male or all female parties. Themes include: Hawaiian ~ School Prom ~ Circus/Clown ~ Superhero ~ Chick Flick / Action Hero Movie ~ Regency ~ Victorian ~ 1920's ~ Modern. We can even write a bespoke event just for you if you don't see something here to take your fancy All parties last approx. 1.5 – 2.5 hours, depending on numbers and allowing for a break for food (not supplied) Please contact us for further details about our party events and prices.

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