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Murder Mystery UK have been killing people for years - and we've been having fun doing it !   Our dark deeds have been seen by hundreds of people and we believe that our events offer the best value entertainment. Although we are based in the south of England and generally work in Hampshire, Dorset, Sussex and Surrey, we can (and do) work all over the UK. COVID-19 UPDATE Due to the Coronavirus situation ALL Murder Mystery Dinner and Murder Mystery Weekend events have been cancelled, as venues are unable to host large scale events. We are pleased to be able to offer our Murder Mystery Party events (see below) as an alternative. These events can take place in a COVID-secure venue such as a Restaurant or Bar provided guests are seated in groups of no more than 6 per table and are compliant with local COVID-19 restrictions. Please ask for further details. MURDER MYSTERY DINNER or MURDER MYSTERY WEEKEND We are serious about providing quality events that are interactive and fun.  After all, murder is a serious business so we treat everything as if it is 'real'.  Therefore, we will never refer to the event as a Murder Mystery - and you will probably get a few strange looks from our actors if you were to ask "When is the murder going to happen?"     All of our plots are geared towards creating realistic situations, whilst also having some fun and laughter along the way.  It’s all about engaging with you - the audience - enjoying a traditional, yet modern, "whodunnit" close-up.   We only use professional actors - generally between 6 -10 depending on the plot .  As far as we know, we are the only company to use so many actors per plot.  We encourage our audience to become involved and participate, but we never use them as victims, murderers or suspects.   Finally - yes, there will be blood ..... and screaming, fights and arguments, distraught relatives, and possibly affairs, embezzlement and illegitimate children.  But don't let that stop you from interrogating the suspects... and let's face it, we've all secretly wanted to ask all those really embarrassing questions of someone - and here's your chance ..... ** NEW ** MURDER MYSTERY PARTY Our smaller scale "party" events are hosted by professional actors who are there to ensure the smooth running of the event and also to play characters within the story. The assembled guests are then invited to volunteer to play the additional characters within the story. Everyone gets the chance to use their detective skills and solve the mystery. The best way to describe it would be to think of it as a live version of "Cluedo". Once the assembled guests are ready to play and the characters assigned, the hosts will explain how the event works and how to play the game. The game itself is split into five rounds: Character Introductions - Round 1 - Round 2 -Round 3 - Denouement. Each round is separated by a short break - if guests are taking dinner as part of their experience then the courses can be served between the rounds. If no food is being taken, then the breaks allow for guests to start chatting about possible motives and suspects. There is no need for any of the guests to have any acting experience (we positively encourage over-acting and the use of outrageous accents or mannerisms) nor prior knowledge of the plot as everything is scripted. For corporate or private events, we provide an information pack to the organiser so that consideration can be given beforehand to possible "casting". When characters are cast prior to the event we suggest that they may like to dress as their character to add further fun to the event. We have a number of varying themes and plots - including some child-friendly versions, but each of our events is focussed on being fun rather than frightening. Our events are constructed to suit any venue - whether you want to host the event in your own home or use a venue of your choice we can adapt - all we need is a space large enough to hold your guests. We have a number of various plot suitable for mixed groups - minimum 6 players (3M/3F) - maximum 20 players (10M/10F) When contacting us, please provide the following information so that we can provide you with a comprehensive quote for your event: * DATE / TIME of event * LOCATION - we can arrange a venue if desired * FOOD / DRINK - we can arrange this if desired * ACCOMMODATION - we can arrange overnight accommodation if desired * NUMBER OF GUESTS ATTENDING * BUDGET - we always strive to provide an event within your budget, but please remember you are paying for PROFESSIONAL actors to provide your entertainment. ...

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20 years experience in the entertainment business, we pride ourselves on a bespoke event, no matter how big or small. We use only professional Actor, Singers, Musicians, Presenters and Writers to ensure your event runs perfectly. We offer a range services and are always happy to discuss with you how we can best meet your exact requirements.. For the last 20 years we’ve created a variety of spectacular parties, performances and productions in a variety of venues across the country. We have spearheaded celebrations, extravaganzas and bespoke events and created memories you’ll never forget. We’ve worked with a wide variety of individuals, schools, theatres, tourist attractions and businesses. With a list of clients who we’re proud to say they chose us to enrich their events, entertain and celebrate with. We’re constantly working to get to know our clients and understand their specific needs. This helps us to provide the best event for you. We’re not in entertainment for short term gains but instead for long-term relationships. Consequently, for the sake of maintaining high quality work, we don’t say ‘yes’ to every opportunity. With this said, however, we will listen to your needs, and if we’re unable to work with you we’ll suggest ways of reaching your goals. We are a family run business with a network of support from actors and fellow creatives who add to our skills bank to make your dream a reality. We bounce ideas around the office and amalgamate individual strengths to bring a holistic and end-to-end approach to our parties and events. We’re an imaginative and creative bunch, but it’s elbow grease that means we deliver success results to our clients. Inspired by our son who was desperate to have a Star Wars themed birthday party, and after weeks of searching in the local area and many sleepless nights we decided to create our own. From this seed Little star Entertainment has grown and developed. ...

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Over 30 years established company who offer "live" fun interactive murder mysteries THROUGHOUT THE UK. MURDER MYSTERY OPTIONS We offer two different fun interactive murder mystery options THE CLASSIC MURDER MYSTERY FORMAT From social drinks straight into social dining. Each table of guests works as "a team " and the characters sit at each table in turn so that guests can fully interact with them and ask questions. The evening concludes with a stunning denouement during which the murderer is discovered and the winning team is announced ! This format is suitable for up to approx 125 guests THE INTERACTIVE MURDER MYSTERY FORMAT The murder mystery which makes YOU the suspect ! Two members of our team ( a policeman character and one other) will join your party and invite 6 of your guests to become the remaining suspects in a dastardly murder that has recently taken place. This is an excellent team building vehicle or fun party scenario to get your guests asking all sorts of questions of each other ! This format is suitable for a minimum of 12 guests and up to approx 80/85 guests. Please note that if required we can adapt this format to work without there being a meal involved. PLEASE CAN YOU LET US KNOW IF YOU WOULD LIKE A QUOTE FOR THE CLASSIC MURDER MYSTERY FORMAT OR THE INTERACTIVE MURDER MYSTERY OR BOTH ! IF POSSIBLE PLEASE MENTION YOUR APPROX EXPECTED NUMBER OF GUESTS Classic Murder Mystery Option Storylines We have a selection of exciting and fun story lines to choose from. Here below are six of our most popular and most requested The Mopton Murders (The School Reunion) It's the schools 1937 Grand Annual Dinner. All the teachers and the head boy will be attending but things are not going well, this really is a school for scandal ! The Oscars It's 1937 and this years Oscar ceremony looks as star studded as ever. But all is not well,somebody will use tonight as a "golden" opportunity to get even once and for all. The Mucklington Village Murders It's the reading of the will of recently deceased widower Rose Stimper She requested that her money be used for the good of the village but not all the candidates will be standing by the end of the evening ! For Whom the Wedding Bell Tolls It's the society wedding of the year. All the guests have been invited and it promises to be a very grand occasion, but at this wedding it's going to be a little more than the cake that gets damaged. Murder on Safari 1940 wartime ,England. This is the grand "Last Night in England" party for the African Safari group who leave these shores in the morning,however it transpires that a German infiltrator may already be amongst the party and things are going to go from bad to worse ! The Final Full Stop The tenth anniversary of the very successful Packard Publishing has brought together a number of the days most accomplished writers however today will be a revelation for them all. Today will be the final chapter for some,but who is doing the killing and why ! Please don't hesitate to contact us if you would like details of further story line options. OUR MURDER MYSTERY GROUPS EXPERIENCE Our group have been actively involved in the business of murder for OVER 25 YEARS ! Members of the team were only the SECOND EVER to present a murder mystery and have gained a reputation for their amusing and original story lines which are most often set in the stylish 1930's,wartime 1940's or the fabulous 50's. The group have been featured on two prime time programmes for HTV TELEVISION. The actors have performed for numerous blue chip corporate clients at many of the most famous hotel chains as well as performing in Castles,Country Manors,and more unusual venues including a battleship,BURGH ISLAND Devon and "On Board" the world famous, ORIENT EXPRESS. ...

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Murder Mystery in Ayrshire and Arran

Looking for murder mystery in Ayrshire and Arran? Book the best local Ayrshire and Arran Murder Mystery, with suppliers available in Ardrossan, Ayr, Cumnock, Darvel, Galston, Girvan, Irvine, Kilmarnock, Kilwinning, Largs, Maybole, Millport, Newmilns, Prestwick, Saltcoats, Stevenston, Stewarton, Troon

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