Ayrshire Face Paints & Glitter Bar

Kilmarnock, Ayrshire and Arran
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  • Based in Kilmarnock, Ayrshire and Arran
  • Will travel 120 Miles
  • Joined us in 2020
We provide a professional & fun Face Painting Service based in Kilmarnock and cover Ayrshire, Glasgow & surrounding areas. We also offer Glitter Tattoos and Glitter Bar Hire! We are available for any kind of event....Weddings, Corporate Events, Parties, Discos, Club/Bar Nights, Birthdays, Festivals, Concerts, Baby Showers, Hen Do’s & more!

Feel free to get in touch to book or if you would like more info, I’d be happy to help! It’s lots of fun for all ages at any event! I pride myself on only using the best products. I’m fully insured & PVG checked as well. Our diary for 2020 is filling up quickly....book now to guarantee your date & times!


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