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Balloons and Tunes, International Award winning Balloon Decoration and Childrens Entertainment Company in Tamworth, Staffordshire
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Paul & Pam Pearce pride themselves on he Service they Give ALL clients, be it children's entertainment with parties, balloon modelling or face painting or supplying balloon decorations and sculptures for events or even teaching their OCN accredited training courses. They have become masters in the art of balloons and what can be done with them. Children's parties are disco music based with popular songs for the age as well as a good variety of action songs both new and old for all at the party to enjoy.. Mixed in with party games and balloon models, creating a great mix for a traditional party. or if you are looking for additional entertainment to a party already planned their mix and mingle balloon models and or face painting can add to your enjoyment of the party When it comes to balloon decorations, they can create displays from the simplest to the outrageous and complicated as Qualatex Certified Balloon Artists and Industry Teachers they are masters of the art

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