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Would your child like a birthday party full of magic? MAKE A WISH - or call Felicity Fairy!

Does your child leave breadcrumbs out for the Fairies at the Bottom of the Garden? Or do they like to stage sword flights and sail the seven seas? Then they will love a Birthday Party with Felicity Fairy and Friends. Our large sized parties feature adventure story-lines, each theme starting with a pantomime show to introduce the plot. We then ask the kids for suggestions and their wonderful imaginations lead us through all the activities which include treasure hunts, traditional party games, magic wand making, fairy discos, mock sword fights and more! We also host smaller parties which are perfect for your own home. These are hosted by a solo Fairy, Pirate or Pixie and are more intimate, as each child receives individual attention. Our host will chat to the children about Fairyland, making wishes and magic while assisting children through all sorts of lovely activities. Each child will leave the party with a craft they have made and either prizes or fairy treasure! Felicity Fairy's Party Themes Include: *FULL SIZE* - Two Entertainers For Up To 30 Children: The Goblin Treasure Hunt - hosted by a Fairy and a Pixie The Fairy Disco - hosted by a Fairy and a Pixie Pirates and Princesses - hosted by a Pirate and your choice of Fairy, Mermaid or Princess Knights And Princesses - hosted by a Knight and Princess *SMALLER SIZE* - One Entertainer For Up To 15 Children The Enchanted Story Glade Fairy Party The Undersea Grotto Mermaid Party Swashbuckling Story Glade Party Pirate Party Fairytale Princess Party Deluxe Alice In Wonderland Please follow the link to out website for video, reviews and more details or do give Felicity Fairy a call to chat about your special event! Felicity Fairy parties are suitable for boys and girls aged 3-7. We cover all of South London, Surrey, East Sussex, Dorset. Hampshire, Somerset, Wiltshire, Bristol, Bath and Gloucestershire.

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