Funky face-facepaint artist

Colchester, Essex
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  • Based in Colchester, Essex
  • Will travel 30 Miles
  • Joined us in 2020
Why not be colour dabbed by Funky Faces - Facepaint ArtistsWe can face paint to a theme or be random.The bling bar adds gems and glitter, for that something specialTattoos to add some sparkle, Hair gems, tinsel Hair and light up strands, Unicorn horns and mermaid tails for the 3D effect, belly painting, Have a great event.

Face Painting, Belly Painting, Bling bar, Face Glitters, Face Gems, Temp hair colours (sprays), 3D unicorn horns, mermaid tails, super hero buttons, Glitter breads, Festival and glitter bar including glitter tattoos,


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