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Close up magic, Stage Comedy Magic...Gazzo is the best magician for your event.

Gazzo is one of the most sought out entertainers in the world. If you need a magician for your corporate event, private function, trade show, wedding, cabaret or variety show, outdoor festival; Gazzo can do it all. He blends his unique style and comedy into his show that he will create a most hilarious, magnificent, gut busting night out. He has travelled the world performing for different groups and ages. His show has graced stages in Dubai, Sweden, Portugal, Spain, Germany, Austria, Canada, USA, New Zealand, Australia and pretty much all over Europe. He also performed for Penn & Teller's Fool Us with Jonathan Ross on ITV where Penn said " in all art its the singer, not the song, and you are the best singer we have seen". Penn Gazzo offers different types of shows for different types of events. For smaller groups of people he can perform expert sleight of hand roving from table to table or group to group. Alternatively he also has a micro magic / close up show called Beat the Cheat. People play with funny money to out con Gazzo. Gazzo has a stage show. Comedy Magic at its best. Or if you are having an outdoor event or festival Gazzo's street show is something you will never forget.

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