Mindful Marbling

East Sussex
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  • Based in East Sussex
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  • Joined us in 2022
I’m a Sussex based artist practicing the meditative art of Japanese paper marbling for 10 years+. I offer 1.5-2 hour workshops where I guide my students through this relaxing, hypnotic, creative technique and surrender into the natural flow state of water. Everyone goes home with unique prints of their marbling journey and a skill they can replicate at home.

Lisa is a Brighton based artist. She discovered Suminagashi – the ancient art of Japanese marbling – whilst studying at Glasgow School of Art and has been practicing ever since. Having also practiced mindfulness and meditation for over a decade, Lisa has combined the relaxing and hypnotic Japanese technique with the art of mindfulness to create a Mindful Marbling workshop. She takes care to create a peaceful, supportive environment within which people can let go of inhibitions and flow with their own creativity via Suminagashi ink marbling. Marbling Workshop Suminagashi is a thousand year old Japanese technique of ink marbling with its roots in Shintoism, originally intended as a process for connecting human creativity to the flowing nature of water. Using various techniques the inks are applied to the surface of the water. This begins a process of flow where the shapes of the ink continue to evolve in soft, elegant, infinitely decorative forms. At a chosen point a mono-print can be made by transferring the liquid pattern from the surface of the water onto paper or card, capturing a moment in time. The aim when practicing Suminagashi is to surrender into the natural flow state of water. This surrender creates the conditions for us to be present, to witness the subtle changes in a moment by moment way, and to connect deeply to the essential process of creativity which is to be in flow, like water itself, rigidity melts away as we focus instead on experimentation and play. This democratic, inclusive ancient art form with no fixed destination or decisions to be made facilitates people from all walks of life to connect with their creativity, focus and attention. Each participant can go home with unique prints of their own Suminagashi journey and a creative mindful skill they can replicate at home.


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