Party Bus 2U

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  • Based in Merseyside
  • Will travel 15 Miles
  • Joined us in 2013
Your children and his or her friends are expecting you to put on the best most fun party ever. Expectations are high. And like any good parent, you don't want to disappoint them ... so the pressure's on! Sid is the perfect solution!

Our bright red Double Decker Bus is fitted out with fun but safe games and play-time equipment that your children and all their friends will absolutely love playing on. Over the years we've tried and tested (or rather thousands of children have played on) various equipment on the bus. So over time we've seen what they have the most fun on - and what they quickly get bored with! Over time we got rid of the boring stuff and added more of the equipment which we saw gave them the most enjoyment. Our buses now have play equipment we know will to keep any child happy for hours and hours!

  • Public Liability Insurance
  • Criminal Records Bureau Certificate
  • Equipment declared as PAT tested
  • Disclosure and Barring Service (CRB)


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