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Crewe, Cheshire
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  • Based in Crewe, Cheshire
  • Will travel 40 Miles
  • Joined us in 2020
Our Air Active Sequin shimmer backdrops are the latest celebrity favourite party accessory, the ultimate event must have.Stunning shimmer walls will delight your audience with its sparkle and shine. It’s light reflective sequins effortlessly move creating the most beautiful backdrop for any event or occasion

*DO YOU WANT YOUR EVENT TO STAND OUT FROM THE REST* The very best on the market, it’s called a shimmer wall because unlike the cheap cloth versions, our walls have a solid backed (perfect for backlit effects) AND each of the 6280 sequins are individually suspended which means they wil move and shimmer even with the lightest of air movement around them ! In a nut shell this wall is very showbiz ! We deliver set up and collect after your event. Discretion forms part of our working practices and policy. Full insured. Get in touch if you would like more information


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  • 629015AA-E221-43D5-BD9A-02D27C8673A4.jpeg

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