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Authentic French Crêperie Bonjour! Welcome to Elle Crêperie… authentic French crêpe restaurant. Elle Crêperie offers sweet French crêpes, delicious Waffles and Desserts plus a choice of Milkshakes . Located In Westcott ,Dorking Unit 2 ,Chapel Lane RH4 3PJ Choose one of our incredible Waffles or Sweet Crêpes or Milkshakes.  Authentic French Crêperie Bonjour! Welcome to Elle Crêperie… authentic French crêpe restaurant. Serving Breakfast,Lunch and Dinner for take away Saturday and Sunday, Dinner or just an evening Treat Tuesday through Sunday nights taking orders from 16:15 pm . Elle Crêperie offers both sweet and savoury French crêpes, delicious Waffles and Desserts plus a choice of Drinks as Mocktails and Milkshakes . Using both traditional and buckwheat flour, imported directly from France, our crêpes are as authentic as any you would eat in Paris! Located In Westcott ,Dorking Unit 2 ,Chapel Lane RH4 3PJ Have a sweet tooth? Choose one of our incredible Waffles or Sweet Crêpes filled with fresh squeezed lemon & sugar, fresh strawberries & cream, and many more delectable combinations to satisfy any sweet tooth craving. Our most popular crêpe is the Nutella, a chocolate hazelnut spread popular all over Europe. Other sweets include chocolate French salted caramel, White Chocolate maple syrup and butter, Toffee Sauce,Caramel ,Lotus Biscoff ,Pistachoes cream ,Strawberries ,Bananas (served with the special Whipping Cream & Vanilla Ice Cream ) For the savoury options choose from crêpes filled with eggs, ham,cheese, mozzarella and basil pesto, chicken , mushrooms or smoked salmon with cream cheese,avocado . As a drink option ,Treat yourself to an indulgent, creamy milkshake or a naughty nice summery treat ,justified by lots of fruit as Virgin Magic Mojito ,Strawberry Daiquiry Mocktail ,Oreo milkshake and many other to choose from.. You will think you are back in Paris as the incredible creaminess and caramel tones tempt your palate like no other in town! ...

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Flipping Pancakes... Fresh and tasty pancakes/crepes for your Event.. Since the inception of Flipping Pancakes, we became aware of and have been working in accordance with the Safer Food Better Business guidelines; which allow for an innovative and practical approach to food safety management, therefore our food safety management complies with the required food hygiene regulations.Flipping Pancakes continues to conduct all of our catering events according to the highest standard of business principles and ethics, all of our catering units have the required certification. Inspections are completed on regularly basis to ensure we deliver both the highest standard of service and quality at each and every event attended by Flipping Pancakes. We are committed to conducting our business activities with honesty, integrity and with full compliance of UK laws and regulations. We also believe in treating our employees with the same principles. All our staff, are fully trained and qualified this enables us to deliver an excellent service to our customers, with a friendly, professional and helpful approach. Uniforms are supplied to all staff which details the company logo, this allows for a collective & distinctive business image.We strive to supply the highest quality of food every time with only the freshest ingredients. Our pancakes are each prepared from a much loved family recipe, which inspired the beginning of Flipping Pancakes! We utilise only the best ingredients for our pancake batter, British free range eggs, British flour and a few secret ingredients are added too. All ingredients are sourced locally; we work together with local businesses and farmers which allows us to create a smooth and delicious batter, producing the freshest and tastiest pancake ever! Each of our fresh and tasty pancakes are made to order, allowing our customers the opportunity to choose from our wide and varied range of fillings, both sweet and savoury, to tantalise your taste buds! Once prepared, each pancake is presented to our customers on a paper plate with a paper napkin and wooden fork.                                              In addition to our fresh pancakes, we also offer freshly ground coffee, cappuccino, latte, espresso, traditional and variety teas, hot chocolate plus a range of chilled soft drinks. Flipping Pancakes continue to support the Fair Trade movement and provide Fair Trade teas and coffees to our customers, which is important to us, where possible we also offer organic products, where available. We pride ourselves on our flexible approach to provide the highest level of service, catering specifically to the needs of our customers both younger and slightly more mature. We are committed to reducing our carbon footprint by supporting small local businesses and local farmers where possible in addition to larger corporations when necessary for volume purchases. We have a policy of minimal packaging and promote the use of recycled goods, with the use of paper plates, cups and napkins, in addition to wooden forks using products that conform to the Sustainable Forestry Initiative.  Our vast experience allows us to provide a professional catering experience for all types of events, from the small and exclusive party right through to the largest events located throughout the United Kingdom. Service is fast and friendly and you’ll only wait long enough to make your mouth water!Marius Constantin Company DirectorFlipping Pancakes Ltd  Flipping Pancakes “…It’s good to be green, Happy to be green.” ...

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Greater London

We set up an amazing crêpe bar in your venue and our trained chefs are ready to cater fresh crêpes, galettes, canapes for your parties in London. Pancake Events provides entertaining ambience with a unique choice of delicious crepes, pancakes, canapes bar for friends, family and collegues.. CREPES - PANCAKES - CANAPES CATERING SERVICE LONDON | AMAZING PARTY FOOD | PANCAKEEVENTS.COM We set up an amazing crêpe bar in your venue and our trained chefs are ready to cater fresh crêpes, galettes, canapes for your parties in London. Pancake Events provides entertaining ambience with a unique choice of delicious crepes, pancakes, canapes bar for friends, family and collegues. Pancake Events is where sweet and savoury crepe means creativity, health and good taste. We focus on quality batter which are luscious and savoury made by hand. According to traditional Brittany techniques and recipes, also we provide homemade chocolate and salted caramel sauce. UNLIMITED SWEET & SAVOURY CREPES WITH UNLIMITED TOPPINGS Our menus focus on taste and presentation incorporating a variety of flavours. We provide crêpes with extended toppings menu which allows each guest to create their own choice of crêpe (Italian, French or Spanish) SWEET TOPPINGS *Butter, Lemon Juice, Sugar *Homemade Chocolate Sauce *Homemade Salted Caramel *Nutella *Banana *Almonds *Mixed Nuts *Honey *Coconut *Apple Mash *Maple Syrup *Jam (Apricot Jam, Strawberry Jam, Raspberry Jam, Blueberry Jam) *Caramelised Apples *Caramelised Bananas *Chantilly Cream *Belgian White Chocolate Buttons *Belgian Milk Chocolate Buttons *Fresh Strawberries *Vanilla Ice Cream *Rum / Grand Marnier /Calvados /Cointreau/ Bailey’s SAVOURY TOPPINGS *Healthy Happy Eggs *British Ham *Swiss Emmental Cheese *Sautéed Mushrooms *Load It Up with Cheddar Cheese *Spinach (Full of Nutrients) *Fresh Vine Tomato *Mouth Melting Goat’s Cheese *Essence of Onion Chutney *Smoked Salmon *Fresh Cream and Mozzarella *Chive *Organic Sausage *Blue Cheese *Walnuts *Camembert *Green Salad *Feta Cheese *Ham *Turkey Ham *Rocket Our delicious SWEET & SAVOURY CREPES – CANAPES are ideal for any event / party: • Private Parties (home parties, birthday parties, intimate parties, baby showers) • Business Parties (office parties, meetings, weekend parties) • Weddings (weddings, wedding receptions, anniversaries, engagement) • Christmas Edition (home party, office party, festive season parties) Pancake Events: The pleasure of finding the difference! HOW MUCH DOES THIS AMAZING CATERING SERVICE COST?  Delicious homemade crêpes and galettes. (unlimited) – made fresh for 2 hours in front of your guests  Make your own fresh crepe with multiple options (unlimited sweet & savoury toppings)  Two friendly and professional chefs in uniforms are highly accomplished to impress your guests.  Disposable cones, plates, cutlery& napkins  We design custom menus, crêpe station (machines, tables, table cloths…) for your guests.  Every bite of live catering in remembered.  Extra additional services can be managed. (Kindly inform us in advance!) ((((((((( ONLY £299 ))))))))) ((((((((( ONLY £299 ))))))))) ((((((((( ONLY £299 ))))))))) We all have different choices but when it comes to our private catering services, we present something that stands out and remains in the memories of your guests. What you desire, we deliver better Let us take the opportunity to serve the best crepes / pancakes at your event and be a guest at your own party. (We need at least 1-week notice.) PANCAKE EVENTS London ...

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Looking for crepes in Exeter? Hire the best local Exeter Mobile Creperie, with suppliers available in Barnfield , Exwick , Foxhayes , Marsh Barton , Newtown , Polsloe , St James' , St Leonard's , St Thomas

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