Beth Morris & The Midnight Rebel Band

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High energy party band playing hits from the 50s to the present day
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Beth Morris is the lead singer of a rock and roll cover band that has been wowing audiences for years. Her powerful vocals and commanding stage presence have made her one of the most sought-after performers in the business. She's joined by Martyn Stephen on guitar, who previously played in the garage rock band The Dirty with bassist Gee Elliott. The band is rounded out by Ale Tibaldi on drums, a seasoned musician with years of experience in the industry. Together, the four of them make up one of the most electrifying rock and roll cover bands around. They cover classic hits, breathing new life into these beloved songs and delivering them with their own unique style and energy. Their performances are a true spectacle, with Beth's powerful vocals soaring above the driving rhythms of Ale's drums and Gee's bass. Martyn's guitar playing is masterful, bringing a new dimension to the classic songs they cover. Throughout their career, the band has remained true to their roots, playing the songs that inspired them to become musicians in the first place. They've continued to evolve and experiment with their sound, incorporating new influences and musical styles into their performances. When she's not on stage, Beth is often working on new material, collaborating with other musicians, and perfecting her craft. She believes that music has the power to connect people from all walks of life, and she's grateful for the opportunity to share her love of rock and roll with fans around the world. Martyn, Gee, and Ale are also deeply committed to their craft, constantly pushing themselves to improve and innovate. Their passion and dedication are evident in every performance, and they continue to inspire and delight audiences everywhere they go. Together, this rock and roll cover band is a true powerhouse, delivering electrifying performances that leave audiences begging for more. With their talent, energy, and sheer love of music, they are sure to continue thrilling fans for years to come.

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