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Frew & Co Artisan Rolled Ice Cream produces the freshest and tastiest ice cream you will ever experience.

Our ice cream is made fresh right in front of the guest on a -30° cold plate. We add any fresh ingredients, chop them together and roll them up, creating beautifully tasty ice cream. We cater to every occasion such as weddings and corporate events, and turn them into a fun, theatrical food display which gets both children and adults very excited. Discovered in Thailand by the founder Andy, he saw the opportunity to bring ice cream rolls and their endless flavour combinations to the UK. Why just have ice cream, when you can also have a captivating show too? It’s the freshest ice cream your guests will ever experience and it’s absolutely delicious. The menu is completely customisable, making it a totally bespoke event. As the leading rolled ice cream events company in the UK, we pride ourselves on our impeccable standards, leaving your guests full of ice cream and with a huge smile. We guarantee it. What’s included on the day? - Unlimited ice cream rolls for 3 hours on 1 ice pan or multiple ice pans. - We can serve approx 180 guests in this time. - Each portion is 2 ice rolls in a 4oz sized tub but guests are welcome to come back for more. - We offer a wide array of branding options to assist in maximising visibility for your brand. - We also have a Toppings Station where guests can add their own toppings, sauces and squirty cream. - You have complimentary use of our branded deck chairs and parasols to complete the experience. - Need us for longer or for more people? Our service is completely customisable.

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