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Upper Treverward + 40 Miles
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The Hoof & Scoop Ice Cream Company is based in Shropshire on the border of Powys we serve Farmhouse soft scoop ice cream.

We are based in Shropshire on the border of Powys, but we do travel further a field. We converted a beautiful Sinclair horsebox to provide a unique way of serving our delicious ice cream. Our vintage horsebox is a perfect feature for any celebration. We attend weddings, Birthday parties, corporate events, fetes & festivals. Our Ice cream is farm house ice-cream from Bennett's ice cream near Worcester and there's so many flavours to choose from. We offer single scoop packages and unlimited packages for events . Pre- paid or guests pay for them selves depending on your event. If its for a charity event we will donate a % of our Profit to the charity.

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